Abuab Ukraine

As of April 2022, the Red Cross assisted over 20,000 Ukrainian refugees in Catalonia alone. The ABUAB Ukraine project seeks to help those residing in Barcelona to connect with the local community and use cultural heritage as a tool for social integration. Every week volunteers take groups of 10-20 Ukrainian refugees to museums, concerts, workshops, galleries, and historical monuments.  These experiences facilitate immersion into the regional culture, and opportunities to meet both other displaced Ukrainians and Barcelona locals. We seek to provide an occassion for moments of connection and a sense of peace that only art can provide.
UNICEF estimates that over 2 million children have been externally displaced by the war in Ukraine. We were recently lucky enough to meet this young, fluffy-eared student of the arts. She is seven years old and likes to listen when her mother gives art history lessons remotely to other displaced Ukrainians completing their studies far from home.

Each week we hear similar stories of courage, determination, and perseverance.  We hope that ABUAB Ukraine will help all participants to feel welcome and encourage a desire to learn and engage, especially from those that will lead us through the future.

Portrait workshop at Museo Picasso

Visit to Palau de la Musica Catalana

Excursion to the 17th century fortress at Montjuic